Every year an opening and closing of the motorcycle season takes place near Syzran town. Bikers from the Volga region come to Romashka Tourist Center, which borders an abandoned children’s camp called Iskra. Surrounded by painted chalets and playgrounds, tough-looking motorcyclists compete with the roar of their engines, drink lots of beer and enjoy a concert program that invariably includes striptease. The philosophy of the newcomers is given on the website dalnyak.rf: “… it is impossible to prove to the average man in principle the meaning and reason for traveling on a motorcycle. To go to a far away place to get wet, freeze, break down thousands of times? This is not explainable to those who are not adventurous. And that’s what an adventurer lives by” In the end, the seemingly strange choice of location seems perfect: Welcome to the adult camp for those whose childhood does not end!